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Look around you and think of about five businesses that used to exist but are no longer available, you would find out that at least, two of them went down partly or mainly because they refused to pay attention to their quality, health, safety and  environment related commitments/ obligations.

A healthy and safe working environment is a requirement in most developed countries in the world. To remain in business, standards have been set by various internal bodies (ISO, FDA, GMP) and local governmental authorities where they are monitored closely to see that this is achieved.

We were able to meet with Mr. Muhamad Nassar, the Chief Operating Officer of Aman Integrated Solutions, where he was able to give us interesting answers regarding iAssure, the quality, health, safety, environment management system he uses to manage all his tasks at Aman.


QHSE software – why so important?

  • Why more and more companies go for IMS (Integrated Management System) ?
    IMS is a one platform enables integration of multiple ISO standards as per the current high-level document control structure of ISO’s Annex SL format, further it gives the organization the opportunity to identify, establish and implement a streamlined process of parallel implementation and maintenance of standard requirements with less manpower, efforts and time.
  • How iAssure helps in compliance with local and international regulations? 
    iAssure is structured and developed in a way to comply simultaneously with ISO standards and regulations established for food safety, environment health and safety and quality. iAssure have captured all necessary standards and regulatory requirements in its platform which enables any organization to comply with the requirements in a self-governing way with a well tracked and ease of maintenance in process monitoring, recording, record retaining, result analysis and continual improvement
  • How costly can it be to not to comply with the QHSE regulations (monetary fines or others like temporary/ permanent suspension of operations permit)?

    Regardless the necessity to comply with legal requirements to which the compliance failure may result in business closure, fines, prohibitions to do certain activities etc., the requirements of a well-managed QHSE system is a high scoring area among our clients in the developing market trend. 
    The QHSE compliance and well managed QHSE system increase our chance to gain more business and at the same time its lack can result in failing to secure business opportunities.

  • What types of regulations any organization (dealing with food related activities) in the UAE has to comply with? 

    There are several laws common for UAE such as federal law, labor law, ministerial resolutions / decrees, environmental laws, laws on waste management etc. added to this there are many laws in each emirates specific to them such as ADPHC (OSHAD SF), ADAFSA regulation in the emirates of Abu Dhabi.
    All entities operating in UAE must comply with all UAE laws and emirate specific laws.

  • How can compliance with QHSE regulations help an organization with boosting employee morale? 

    Any QHSE failures such as injuries, fatalities, uncontrolled / harsh work environments, poor welfare arrangements will result in losing employee morale. Complying with QHSE regulations ensures that, you avoid such failures and are brining continual improvement to the workplace safety and employee wellbeing which in turn increases the employee morale.

  • How different/similar are the regulations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates?

    The QHSE and Food safety related laws are similar throughout the UAE, the differences are mainly in technical values and the level of implementation and enforcement which varies from emirate to emirate.

  • Do organizations get any incentives or support from governments for complying with latest QHSE regulations, and implementing initiatives like reducing carbon emission (in terms of subsidies, tax holidays or rebates etc.)?

    Organizations complying with regulations may receive recognitions in form of certificates / awards from regulatory bodies.

  • How can iAssure help an organization with reducing cost?

    iAssure is an integrated management tool for managing more than one ISO standard, it eliminated the need for paper, printing, documents storage for retention, saving time by accessibility, mobility, advanced search option, preset master recording forms etc.

  • Advantages of latest browser-based architecture for anywhere and anytime access to system for data entry and reporting?

    In manual ISO documentation and records maintenance system, it demands you to be in your office to trace a records, verify a document / report, prepare a document / report etc., but with iAssure you are able to document control and manage your ISO from anywhere anytime which is a total freedom of work that enables you to attend your other business needs.

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Visit our iAssure page /our-portfolio/erp-solutions/qhse-management.aspx for a free brochure or request for a free demo by clicking here /our-portfolio/erp-solutions/qhse-management.aspx#requestDemo.

Safety is our Priority and iAssure is definitely the Eye that never sleeps!

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