Tips, analysis, and facts about QHSE and iAssure

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What does iAssure do?

  • Integration
  • Configurability
  • Accessibility
  • Functionality

Strategic ways that favor iAssure software?

Comprehensive analysis

  • Reduced risks
  • Simplified reporting
  • Automated data analysis
  • Increased management visibility which leads to a decrease in incident occurrences
  • Data accuracy

Identifying costs leads to better productivity and loss prevention

  • Legal fees
  • Labor costs
  • Risk Reduction
  • Reduction of production Costs
  • Prevention of loss by preventing lost time incidents

Employee interaction and engagement

  • Higher productivity
  • Cleaner workplaces
  • Employee participation in QHSE management.
  • Decreased sick leave

The success rate of our all-in-one safety software is a pointer to its efficiency. Start today by taking advantage of our risk register software which allows you to record and manage risks in a seamless manner. iAssure automates many of the processes that consume valuable time in your organization. You can be certain you will be on your way to having a safer workspace for your business. 
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Quick Facts

iAssure automates many of the processes that consume valuable time in your organization. 

  • Time spent on common activities: To get a good estimate, iAssure looks at how many hours per month each EHS staff member spends on tasks like creating and uploading records, uploading data, correcting data errors and managing formulas, assigning tasks and notifications, etc.
  • iAssure records & tracks preventive action on past incidents, hence increases productivity levels by 50%!
  • Time will be saved!
  • Quantify the potential time saving: let's say one of your core QHSE team members spends eight hours per month creating environmental compliance reports. Using iAssure software, they can do the same task in just four hours per month.
  • iAssure helps to save up to forty working hours per month for each QHSE staff member.
  • Reduces previous documents referral turnaround times by as much as 90%!
  • Other cost savings: the EHS software can also help avoid incidents and their related costs including legal fees, medical and workers compensation expenses, fines, lost administrative time, and related travel expenses.
  • Save 50% of the cost on work related injuries and workers compensation!
  • 90% of the Safety issues being corrected before incidents!
  • Intangible Benefits: Improved employee morale often due to an increase in the belief that management truly cares about safety. This can lead to measurable benefits such as lower absenteeism, improved satisfaction survey scores, and lower staff turnover.
  • Absenteeism can be reduced up to 40%!
  • 30% more efficient since employees can spend more time on valuable work outside of data management!
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