The HR Checklist for Professionals considering HR Software and Services

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The purpose of this guide is to serve as a checklist for HR professionals who are considering HR software and services to support their growing HR needs. We were able to meet with Ms. Carol Maloney, the Chief HR Officer of N.C.C group of companies, and she was able to give us interesting answers regarding Bcore, the HR and Talent management system she uses to manage all her tasks.

Tell us about the experience and impact of technology in managing Human Resource function during this COVID-19 crisis.

First, let me tell you that we have 5,300 people to take care of who are deployed in more than 70 different projects around UAE. Now you can imagine the dire need for technology in the management of the resources of our people. We use Bcore, which is a customizable, cloud-based, and user-friendly Human Resource Management System (HRIS) in our day to day operation.

With the pandemic, no organization has the luxury to invite the whole team in the office to complete the task. In this critical time, we are able to accomplish our job on time and being efficient from home only with the presence of below 30% in the office.  What I found the most important role of the vendor at this moment is the technical support, and I truly appreciate the BDNA teams' response to make the system function in a group environment.

  • Employee functionality

We operate almost paperless when it comes to the transaction of employee services. Our services have been smooth without any interruption.

  • Flexibility and scalability

The system is flexible in terms of usage and support in multiple devices and operating platforms.

  • Payroll and tax filling

The interconnected function between daily attendance (punching), automated calculation, and the system sends the timesheet for final approval. Imagine the waste of time and the amount of potential error if a manager has to spend time on manual timesheet preparation. My team is blessed with the system, I would say.

  • Training and support

The BDNA has exceptional customer support ranging from platform training, process training, and, most importantly, they follow up to enhance the capability of the user.

  • Reporting capabilities

The reports are customizable, and I am able to get any type of data field on the report on request. Live information, advanced visualization of the information, and data field available for individual analysis are the best part when it comes to the reporting capabilities of the system.

  • Talent management

Talent Management starts with the strong foundation of Human Resource processes and the availability of technology for smart decision making and efficient administration. When I said the foundation, it is the organized large data set of skills, knowledge, monitorable performance metrics that are rightly aligned to each other. The system we use provides us a comprehensive function that helps us to identify and nurture the talents, help to improve performance, and promotes engagement.

The system has helped us to engage our people from the pre-recruitment stage to offboarding. It rightly fits our purpose as we believe that the way employee leaves impacts the way employee stays and engages.

  • Time and Labor Management

The automated timesheet captures the information from punching (daily attendance) and has been helping us in the management of the workforce. It is not only the payroll process, but the most intelligent part is benchmarking the need of people according to the project size and budget.

The system notifies our project leaders in advance on the need of people according to the contract or project. This functionality has helped us to increase the productivity of our team members and has helped managers to be better planners.

  • Technology for the future

Indeed, the system is scalable, and I believe that system is capable of adapting quickly to increased workload or market demands.

Through these questions, you will be able to better diagnose what unique solutions your company needs from HR software and services.

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