iLoyal, End to End Customer Experience & Loyalty Management Solution. iLoyal, the loyalty management application is designed to help organize various Offers/Promotions and Loyalty Card data of the customers for retail chains thereby promoting a better understanding of the customer behaviour and strengthening the customer relationship. Comprehensive Loyalty Management Framework, iLoyal helps organizations to track and facilitate various promotional schemes offered to the loyalty card holders and at the same time also maintains records of the customers registered under loyalty program software.


What is iLoyal?

  • Your most effective KYC – (Know your customer) platform.
  • A ROI generation model. It’s not an expense, but an investment in building customer Loyalty!
  • A Comprehensive Loyalty Management Framework.
  • An Omni Channel Customer Loyalty Management Solution.
  • An End to End Customer Experience & engagement Management Solution!

Why is iLoyal?

  • Quick and Easy Registrations.
  • Instant Earning Tool.
  • Balance Tracking, promo e-mails, SMS etc.
  • Business Growth Analysis Platform
  • Customer Experience Insights resource.
  • Customer Service Management Tool.
  • Cross Sell/Upsell.
  • Partnership & Alliances Management Tool. 
  • Flexible & Cost Effective.
  • High ROI.
  • Big Data of Customers & Transactions.
  • User Friendly.
  • Ready to integrate with any legacy POS / ERP system.

Purpose of System

  • Partnership & Alliances Management tool: With Partnership & Alliances management, you can easily integrate your partner loyalty program with your loyalty program, and give your customers a wider opportunity to use points collected. The Partnership & Alliances Management tool is a useful feature focused towards providing your customers more options and improving the overall customer experience. 
  • Big Data of Customer & Transaction: Improve the customer experience with Big data analysis. Big Data can play a huge role towards improving the customer experience and satisfying the needs of your customer in an efficient manner. Companies make huge profits by analysing the customer behaviour/interaction and providing structured results from an unstructured data. It’s an important BI tool that can give you some real time insights of the factors that influence your customer decision making process and transform your business capability and profitability.

  • Loyalty Strategy: Well executed Loyalty strategy brings long lasting benefits for your Business. iLoyal converting your strategy into a success story. Design surveys & feedback system to receive inputs from the customers. Analyse your market and customize your marketing promotions using customer interest & increase your profitability thereby decrease the marketing & systems costs and improving your profits incredibly.

Smart Loyalty

Retail ecosystem today operating with smart technologies like self –scanning, mobility, big data, etc. but the most important component of the retail is always the customer front which is the face View of the Retail where loyalty plays a vital role. A Holistic Smart digital loyalty system is a must to compete in the retail market today as customer are always in look for more benefits and privileges. iLoyal is the most creative loyalty management solution available in the market today which is a highly customizable and easy to manage Omni channel loyalty management solution



To win your customer, you got to engage them on the go, hence mobility is a must. Popularity of the smartphones brought in a new revolution in the field of shopping, e-commerce and customer experience. Your loyalty system should have a mobile front for you to be on the winning track in today’s retail market. I-Loyal comes with exclusive mobile app which customers can always use it as a virtual loyalty card where they can add or redeem the points on the go just by showing their virtual card in their iLoyal mobile app to the cashier for scanning. In present scenario, the mobility aspect influence customer behaviour to a great extent


  • 100% Mobility with user friendly Mobile Application.
  • Balance Tracking and point redemption through mobile app.
  • Centralized Loyalty Engine.
  • Member participation monitoring.


  • Smart Analytics
  • Detects and offers extra privileges/offers to top customers.
  • Improved customer retention.
  • Real time offer management

Not Just Loyalty

A smart loyalty system is not just limited to fundamental loyalty management. This can be used as an access point for the customers to leverage the smart technologies like self –scanning, self-checkout etc. i-Loyal seamlessly integrate with self-scanning solutions where the customers can scan the loyalty card to get the access for exclusive mobile handheld scanners for the self-scanning shopping experience. Your loyalty card can be a single sign on credential for online shopping, mobile app, CRM etc. i-Loyal since it’s an Omni-channel solution comprehends the aforesaid scenarios, and this can be your customer’s single sign on identifier


  • Centralized Loyalty Engine.
  • Big Data of Customer & Transaction.
  • An Omni Channel Customer Experience Management Solution.
  • Creation of more targeted promotions, and thus increased revenue at lower costs.
  • Seamless integration with your POS, Website, Mobile App and ERP.


  • Improve customer experience.
  • Multi language support.
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management.
  • Dispute tracking and management.
  • Track loyalty point balance and earnings.

Marketing Intelligence

Bring your data into life and identify the most & least profitable promotions with our powerful analytics tools. Our powerful real time and offline reporting tools ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that matters your business the most. With Business Growth Analysis and Customer Engagement Platform understand customer insights and create new promotional campaign based on the customer profiling. Data mining made easier with our standard reporting tool and user friendly dashboard so that you have access to everything that you need. Design, model and manage loyalty programme along with all your running promotions and at the back end, a record of previous promotions to give you an insight about most profitable techniques. We help you improve customer profitability by helping you analyse the right customer behaviour and rewarding the same.

Features :

  • Fully featured Campaign Management and Seamless Integration.
  • Centralized Loyalty Engine.
  • Loyalty Card Management.
  • Customer Service Management Tool
  • Balance Tracking, promo e-mails, SMS etc.
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  • Business Growth Analysis Platform.
  • Customer Engagement Platform.
  • Customer Experience Insights.
  • My Coupon List.
  • Promotion Master Screen.
  • Mail Chimp Groups.
  • Mail Chimp Campaigns.


Turn your Business into a Global Success with i-Loyal. The Loyalty Management System provides opportunity to manage the customer data and helps convert this data into a useful marketing analytics, thereby helping the organization to classify customers on the basis of their shopping behaviour and developing promotional programs, award rules, points per AED spent, manage reward tiers and apply discounts etc. Analyse your customer behaviour and customize your marketing promotions using customer interest & increase your profitability with iLoyal

  • Well executed Loyalty strategy brings long lasting benefits for your Business.
  • Analyse data to understand influence of different loyalty promotions on customer transaction & behaviour.  
  • Design surveys & feedback system to receive inputs from the customers.
  • Customize your marketing promotions using customer interest & increase your profitability.
  • Decrease marketing & systems costs.
  • End to End Customer Experience & Loyalty Management Solution!
  • Comprehensive Loyalty Management Framework.
  • It’s not an expense, but an investment in building customer Loyalty!
  • An Omni Channel Customer Experience Management Solution.
  • End to End Customer & Loyalty Management Solution.
  • Business Growth Analysis Platform
  • Customer Engagement Platform.