In most parts of the world, SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups are the engine of growth for the economy as they employ more people than any other macro segments in the market. This is also very obvious in the UAE and the region as more than 90 % of businesses in the country fall under SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups; it is no surprise to learn that we target the sector to ramp up their business.

Business DNA is committed to provide Economical, Futuristic, End to End, User friendly and scalable value propositions for SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups


Retail Management

iSell Retail Solution provides your customers a seamless experience across all your stores and other touch points.The iSell Retail POS software is integrated with an in-transaction Loyalty system which creates a single view of the customer right from registration to billing to customer specific promotions to loyalty management. It is fast, reliable, easy to learn and use with touch-screen technology – making iSell retail POS & Mobile software that turns your point of sale into a point-of-delight for your customers and capable of high volume transactions that can fit within various retail industry environments thus leveraging your company’s existing IT infrastructure and lowering your operational costs.

Retail businesses have always had a need for an efficient yet economical POS solution. Our comprehensive expertise in the field of retail solutions has enabled us in creating robust and economical solutions.

We offer high performance hardware with a slim and small footprint 15” screen display, which is integrated with an efficient and easy to use interface, exclusively for the hospitality and retail industry.

Our product’s shiny with matt contrast finish gives it a unique look and serves as a practical design with no exterior vents and fans, reducing the hardware noise and preventing dust from getting inside the unit.

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Hospitality Management

Our Point of Sales (POS) solutions are designed to automate the service and management cycle for all retail and hospitality Industries.Business DNA POS System are highly efficient for greater performance, surface capacitive touchscreen terminals, High Speed durable Printers, Speed Barcode Scanners, Heavy Duty Cash Drawers, low power consumption, reliable and stylish design.These luxury POS terminals are engineered to withstand any punishing operations.

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Loyalty Management

iLoyal, End to End Customer Experience & Loyalty Management Solution. iLoyal, the loyalty management application is designed to help organize various Offers/Promotions and Loyalty Card data of the customers for retail chains thereby promoting a better understanding of the customer behaviour and strengthening the customer relationship. Comprehensive Loyalty Management Framework, iLoyal helps organizations to track and facilitate various promotional schemes offered to the loyalty card holders and at the same time also maintains records of the customers registered under loyalty program software.

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