iStore back office Software is an omni-channel solution designed to help you run a profitable retail business. Our software meets the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, marketing and accounting requirements of today's multi-channel merchant operation. We offer a fully integrated retail POS module . Our customers have successful integrations with multiple web platforms , Mobile App's, Loyalty , Promotions & Self Scanning Solutions.

Using i-Store, you can easily implement Centralized Retail Back office System which will connect all the Stores. All your Ware houses and Retail Applications can be integrated in a single module. With other added features like location wise purchase policy, multiple supplier for same item and multi-level packing etc. give your business a real boost with i-Store.


What is iStore?

  • Fully Integrated Solution that meet all your real-time requirements.
  • A Centralized Retail Back office System which will connect all the Stores.
  • System that integrates Ware House and Retail Applications in a single Module.
  • Provides all the standard functionalities of Retail and ware House.
  • A system that implements automated data transfer between locations and Head office.
  • Complete End-to-End solution

Why is iStore?

  • Complete Enterprise Functionality – ensure standardization of your processes and guarantees ROI.
  • Implement centralized Purchasing.
  • Multi Location Inventory & Stock Management
  • Location Wise pricing policy. Each location can have its own pricing policy.
  • Location Wise Purchase Policy for items.
  • Web Based Solution, that ensures hassle free Deployment, easy Maintenance and excellent User Interface.
  • Multiple Supplier for same item. (Helps to get the rate comparison which helps to  reduce the purchasing cost)
  • Multi-level packing & Barcode for each item.
  • Combined Items Sales.
  • Is to implement the Smart options(E-mail, SMS, Automated Fax and Reorder levels)
  • Implement  Reorder levels process

Purpose of System

Accounting Integration:Manage all your sale/purchase data and instantly calculate all the sales taxes, cost price, selling price, and cost of delivery, profits etc. with i-Store. All your account reports as just a click away. Save time and get 100% accurate reports with quick insights to your finances. Complete visibility of your business with user friendly dashboards that will always keep you updated and an easy access to the detailed reports available with just a click.  

Multiple Supplier for same item:With Multiple Supplier option for the same item make a comparative study related to the purchasing cost and reduce the cost of purchasing by selecting the most economical one out of the options available. Keep a track of all the prices, previous quotes and past orders for a comparative study and save more.

Multi Location Inventory & Stock Management: With the Multi Location Inventory & Stock Management, decide individual price of each item based on the location. You can easily set a different pricing policy for each location and the same product. 

The price difference can easily be attributed towards the cost of delivery, availability, demand etc. Setting a different pricing policy for different locations would help selling same product in different locations at a different price.

Full Inventory Management: i-Store, a back office retail software is your full inventory management solution that guarantees you 100% control on your business. I-Store helps keep record of everything, your full inventory management solution at one place. Spend less time managing different software and focus on sales with all in one retail solution; i-Store. Our back office software solution helps organize all your products according to the right categories and locations so that you have accurate information to improve your inventory accuracy and sales

POS Integration

Always be ready with your POS reports. iStore helps you access all your POS related reports, anytime from anywhere. Check the billing status, hourly sales, and sales stats for individual employee etc. using iStore. Always be in full control of your business with one click reports that are always there for you to monitor your business and the profits you earn. Using these reports, you can easily distinguish between the most and the least profitable working hours and the sections. Multiply your profits and keep a track of stock flow from the inventory and the sales achieved on daily or even hourly basis thereby preventing any chance of inventory stock theft or misuse.

Other Features/Modules

  • POS Sales Report 
  • POS Statement   
  • Customer Count  
  • Hourly  Sales Report 
  • POS Bill Print  
  • Daily Sales Report 


  • Customer by Dept 
  • Self-Scan Status  
  • Sales Payment by Operator  
  • Sales  by Operator  
  • Customer Statement  
  • POS Payment By Type   

Stock Inventory

With one click ready stock reports, be in-charge of all your stock & inventory stats every time. Added screens like Stock Value Report, Stock Aging Report, Slow Moving Items etc. offers you a greater control over your Stock/Inventory, which no other software can offer. Reduce losses incurred due to Expired products with the Expiry List Reports feature that gives notifications regarding the products about to be expired. Access the lists of the products in stock based on their expiry dates so that you have an idea well in advance about which products you need to add to stock and which ones you need to clear out quickly.


 Other Features/Modules:

  • Stock Movement Report  
  • Item Availability Report  
  • Stock Value Report
  • Stock Aging Report 
  • Slow Moving Items  
  • Fast Moving Items 
  • Expiry List Report 
  • Stock Balance Report 


  • Purchase Return Report
  • Transfer In Report
  • Transfer Out Report
  • Sales Invoice Report  
  • Sales Return Report
  • Adjustment Report  
  • Invoice and Transfer Report
  • Issue to CC Report 
  • Issue To Cost Centre  
  • POS Sales  


  • Material Request
  • Purchase Order 
  • Good Received Note  
  • Purchase Return 
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Transfer   
  • Transfer Received
  • Sales Invoice 
  • Sales Return 
  • Bulk LPO 


Administration work was never as easy, as with our back office management tool, iStore. With proper administration platform, iStore gives you a unique opportunity to sort out all your administrative tasks in an easy manner. Using iStock, set up user& company profile that can easily be used for grouping the suppliers based on location or certain functional group etc. Using the administration feature, documents can also be managed efficiently. Access all your useful documents related to sales, accounts or supplies using iStore, and that’s the main reason why we call iStore a complete back office software.


Other Features/Modules:

  • Company Setup
  • User file
  • User Group
  • Location Master 
  • Document Serial 
  • Supplier Grouping 
  • Accounts Location Grouping 
  • Accounts Group Mapping 
  • Accounts Setup
  • Division Master 


  • Product Groups  
  • Brand Master  
  • Category Master
  • Pack Master 
  • Product Master 
  • Scale Groups  
  • Price Group


  • Supplier Master  
  • Currency Master 
  • Packaging Units  
  • Item Movement
  • Cost Centre 
  • Hourly Sale Setup